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This month we're talking to johanne ray-hepp

New Podcast Episode: Harmonizing Dreams: Johanne Ray-Hepp's Musical Journey

Join Superintendent Dr. RJ Webber in "Mustang Moments" as he explores the journey of Johanne Ray-Hepp, the dedicated orchestra director at Northville Public Schools, whose passion for music was sparked in Detroit and Southfield. Discover how her exceptional leadership has rapidly advanced Northville's new orchestra program, now expanding into its first year at the high school level.
AI in classrooms 2024

NPS Leads the Way in Integrating AI into the Classroom

Northville Public Schools is revolutionizing education by integrating artificial intelligence into classrooms, empowering students and teachers with cutting-edge tools for enhanced learning. Discover how innovative AI programs are preparing students for the future and transforming the way they engage with technology.